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    Welcome to Rajun Cajun Kennels! RCK is an established Pocket Beagle Kennel based out of central Arkansas. We breed primarily for temperament, health, quality, structure but most importantly for the love of the breed. Because of this we have very specific breed standards and only produce 2-4 litters per year. Our dogs are all registered with the North American Purebred Registry as well as the Olde English Pocket Beagle Registry. All of our dogs and puppies are treated as part of the family. Each puppy born here at RCK is socialized daily not just with people but other animals also. Our animals are all handled with loving care in a clean and nurturing environment here in the small town of Rose Bud, Arkansas.


    Here at RCK we raise all of our pocket beagles in home. Our family handles and plays with each baby daily. We make sure to personally know each puppy that we have to help suit the new owners needs. This helps determine the right puppy for you such as having a more active one or one that would rather just sleep all day! Here at Rajun Cajun Kennels you will receive attention to detail of your pocket beagle pup. We want to make every step of owning a new puppy easy and delightful for you.


    The Pocket Beagle is not bred from the larger sized beagles. That would take years of work. The genetics for size is inherited from many generations. Not all of our breeding stock that we are working with is at 10″. Our dogs heights vary from 9.5 to 12″. Very rarely a puppy will exceed the 11 1/2″ height. There is no weight limit for pocket beagles at this given time but all of our dogs are under 25 lbs. We have several under 20 lbs. And some even smaller! It all depends on the structure of the dogs body. Whether it is more stocky muscle type build or more of a petite build.


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